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From: Brian Burns <>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 11:20:45 PDT

I didn't realize distributors could redefine public performance. Nothing in
the law says anything about 50 persons in the audience (give or take).
Academic institutions are allowed, by the law, to show any film in a
syllabus based course to students registered in the course (not allowed to
invite outsiders) at non-profit educational institutions with the added
stipulation that the material being shown is relevant and integral to the
teachings of the course, not for entertainment purposes. Thus, it frosts my
cookies, too, when I have to pay the $250 for a title that will only be
shown in the way the law describes. When I get wind of any group on campus
that wants to show a film outside of class (International Club, Spanish
Club, etc.) I let them know that they'll need to get public performance
rights and I assist them through that process.


I, too, would purchase more titles if I could get them for $15-30 instead of
$250. Wouldn't that expose filmmakers material to a much wider audience???



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