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From: Shoaf,Judith P <>
Date: Fri Oct 23 2009 - 09:19:03 PDT

I now love reading "old" novels written before there were cell phones to recall how people used to communicate.-- Debra

Not just cell phones-email and the internet. My husband and I watched "Possession" the other day and talked afterwards about it. The novel on which the movie is based, written at the beginning of the 90s, could have been set in just about any time 1960-95, or even in the 20s or 30s with some adjustments. But by the late 90s the scholars would have been consulting each other by email instead of personally, scanning and faxing; nowadays, they would be combing the Internet for manuscript evidence, googling books by each other, and would probably manage a virtual visit to Whitby where they would spot the jet brooch that becomes a clue on the store website. They would have to discover the hidden letters personally, but they could wait while the owners checked online to determine the rights and sale prices....

It's wonderful but not very conducive to falling in love with the guy who is sleeping on your couch because he cares so much about a 19th-century poet.


PS has anybody looked at the thread as it keeps growing and repeating at the end of these posts? Talk about white noise.

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