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From: Shoaf,Judith P <jshoaf@ufl.edu>
Date: Fri Oct 23 2009 - 09:01:45 PDT

The question is, does bad communication drive out good communication?

Lots of people think an email list is " fatuous, meaningless, contemporary white noise" (a journal editor recently tried to start one for her subscribers and found that they did not want to be on a list that actually had discussions. They were willing to be on it only if nobody ever posted anything except maybe a tweet-wise comment like "The editor died yesterday and there will be no Fall issue.")

People undoubtedly enjoy the chance to talk about themselves by sharing short, meaningless, possibly fatuous bits of information. This may not be a profound means of communication, but it's a decent replacement for a high-school reunion (yes I am on Facebook) and you don't have to decide whether to drink. To be frank, I never had any communication with these folks that wasn't shallow and meaningless, and if I actually went to the reunion I wouldn't, either. But I like reading their bits about quilting, vacations, grandkids, etc.

Big difference between reading 25 words in which my sister tells me her art show is going well, and having a 3-hour conversation about our parents and children. But both are means of communication.

As a non-tweeter, I can see that getting a bit of news along the lines of "no printing today in Little Hall"--one-way announcements of a matter of concern to many people--could be really helpful.

Judy Shoaf

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