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I found this...will this help? Maybe the student can do the "click/view"
feature. I was able to put it in a shopping cart--it's $190 AU. Can you
order via card?

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Hello all,
A student at our college is hoping to view a recording (DVD, if
possible, but VHS would do) of this 2003 Australian documentary by Ben
Harding and Charlotte George as a part of her research project.
According to WorldCat, all 116 of the libraries that have the VHS tape
are in Australia or New Zealand, and the 26 DVDs are in Australia. This
is not encouraging news! I have looked at the website of Video Education
Australasia, but they don't currently have this title for sale. Do you
know of any way we could buy, rent or borrow a copy for the student?

Thanks in advance for any information you can send me.
Marilyn Huntley

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