[Videolib] Request: Films with tracking shots of Paris.

From: Scott Spicer <spic0016@umn.edu>
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 15:55:46 PDT

Hi Everyone,

One of our fine Film Studies faculty (Italian cinema aficionado)
approached me today, and asked "a weird" request (his words), if I
knew of film with prime examples of tracking shots of Paris (beginning
of cinema to present)? These can be anywhere in Paris, and even
include aerial shots though that is apparently not technically
tracking. I am still in the process of learning my film technique,
but I told him his question was not weird and I knew of some kind
folks who might be able to help. If I need further information, do

So have at it: prime film examples of Paris tracking shots.


Scott Spicer
Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian
Coordinated Educational Services
University of Minnesota Libraries
233 Walter Library 612.626.0629

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