Re: [Videolib] More Midwest Tapes Fun--Slightly OT

From: Jaeschke, Myles <>
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 10:00:34 PDT

Lots of good comments here. I will echo Jeanette's words that RB makes a high quality product and we too are on a standing order plan with them. Mike is right, PLs have been fighting with scratched optical discs for a long time and it's quite annoying I'm sure to customers who find that they cannot use the material they get from the library sometimes because of playback issues. Even for libraries like mine that have resurfacing machines to restore the discs we can't catch 'em all and rely on our customers often to let us know if there are playback issues. Playaways (self contained MP3 players) have lot going for them in the audio world-no skipping for one!

For us the replacement policy just isn't enough to justify the large difference in price. It's just easier and sometimes cheaper to just buy a new set. After all if one disc is shot often times the others in the set have problems as well. Like Blaine, we will continue to buy RB exclusives through them. So while I really like RBs product and their reps the company has lost some respect in my eyes with their "Not for sale to libraries" shenanigans.

Peter-I'm like you, a "price vigilante" :) Hope you will consider coming to NMM next year. We'll be in Kansas City! We need more PLs representing there.


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