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From: Mike Tribby <>
Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 13:44:20 PDT

Regarding the replacement policies for discs in Book-on-CD packages, does anyone have an idea as to what percentage of titles eventually need a replacement disc or two? I listen to a lot of recorded books on my foolishly long commute, and library sets have a fairly high failure rate in my experience. Some of the discs will play okay on CD players other than the one in my car, but a lot of them are smudged or damaged to the point that they don't play on any player. I've had this problem with music CDs from libraries, too.

Now that I'm reviewing books on CD, I get a steady diet of them for free, but I just got done listening to a 10-disc set for which _every_ disc skipped at some point between tracks 9 and 12. The skips were brief and none made the disc it was on unplayable, but the persistence with which I run into bad discs makes me wonder what the free replacement policy must cost the vendor. It also makes me wonder how vital the replacement option is for the libraries buying the stuff.

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