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From: Foster, Jennifer <FosterJ@uhv.edu>
Date: Wed Oct 14 2009 - 14:56:38 PDT

I wonder if the collective here can help me. I am looking for a
particular film or one like it for a professor. The film she originally
asked for is called "Throwaway People" and the description for it can be
found here:
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/programs/info/805.html. The
professor describes it as a film about the Shaw neighborhood of D.C.,
where the disadvantages were so insurmountable as to cause a sense of
"no way out" for its inhabitants. In such a perceived affluent area,
these people were essentially forgotten. It was an award-winning film -
in 1990.


PBS tells me, however, that after 10 years, they often let rights go,
hence, they no longer have it. I found it a couple of places in
WorldCat, but we want to own it.


Because I am new to media, I wonder - does anyone know where I might
find this film? Or one that conveys a similar concept? As it happens,
when I look up the Shaw neighborhood now, it seems to have gone through
some gentrification, so I'm not even sure the film as it was then would
be relevant today. But the concept remains valid. One last point -
this is an undergraduate criminal justice class, so although I suggested
it, she did not think that a film about a similar situation in a foreign
country (like the riots in France last year, for example, by young
people who felt completely ignored by society) would carry the same
relevance as one about people in the U.S.


Any thoughts or ideas? Many thanks.


Jennifer Foster

Media Librarian

The Victoria College/University of Houston-Victoria Library




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