[Videolib] Advice for a new stock footage librarian?

From: Laura Fu <lauraf@answersmediainc.com>
Date: Wed Oct 14 2009 - 10:41:28 PDT

Good afternoon,

Firstly, my apologies for cross-posting with different listservs.

I am in the beginning brainstorming phase of acquiring a media library system for our client/original assets (elements and masters of all formats, also graphics/anim, audio). Once all of our assets are cataloged and barcoded, I have the task of implementing a stock footage service. The final goal is a complete DAM system. Can anyone out there suggest any resources (books, websites, organizations etc) to which I may refer?

I am specifically looking for information on digital rights management, foreseeable legal obstacles in re-use of proprietary footage and general stock library management support resources. Also, as a member of AMIA, I will be attending the conference next month. Any event in particular that anyone suggests?

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please respond off-list at my work email!

Thank you kindly,

Laura Fu
Video Assets Manager

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Chicago, IL 60654
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