[Videolib] another clips question

From: Andrews, Sarah E <sarah-andrews@uiowa.edu>
Date: Wed Oct 14 2009 - 10:37:14 PDT

I need some collective wisdom-
We have a small, specialized public museum on our campus that is working with an engineering class (credit class, specific class) to develop an exhibit with a web component. They want to use clips from an educational video in the library's collection that we have public performance rights to for the exhibit & the web component.

They called the distributor/producer of the film who is requesting that digital rights be obtained for a fee.

So-is this standard practice and ok? (My gut says yes).
And-what would be an acceptable charge for this?
And-I assume the digital rights will come with a specified end date. Does this mean the web component of the exhibit will have to be taken down? Since this is a senior/capstone class project, I am assuming the students will want to be able to show off their work in the future to potential employers.

Sarah Andrews

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