Re: [Videolib] Problems With Media Players In Libraries

From: Shoaf,Judith P <>
Date: Tue Oct 13 2009 - 09:08:59 PDT

The problem with finding a good review is that these players are illegal. Selling them or using them in the US is illegal according to a 2002 judgement.

pp. 120-124, esp. note 213: "multi-region players appear to violate the prohibition on circumvention."

The judgment is that one should use a computer drive to play non-region-1 titles.

Note also Jessica's bitter reference to professors who bring DVDs home from abroad and show them to their students, thereby limiting the income of the owners from selling the American distribution rights and limiting the business of companies which distribute foreign titles.

(I was interested to see that a Canadian release of a Region 1 DVD set of a certain French TV show is now listed on as a paperback--by category as well as in the description. You have to know what the DVD looks like to find and buy it. My guess is that the French folks panicked when they realized that all 127 Americans who have ever heard of it can now buy a playable version based on the Canadian license. It has English subtitles but the menus and 100 chapter headings are all in French, so it is not really an English-language release, but it was good enough for me to lend it to a student so he could write a paper about it.)

Judy Shoaf

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