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I know that one of the examples of illegal viewing in the New Yorker was watching a movie in a German-language dorm lounge, with a professor in attendance. The argument was that other students could walk through the dorm lounge and view it. There were probably a dozen students at most in a setting like that.

It's quite possible that the university English professor would in fact give permission for making copies of a chapter of his/her book for, say, a college discussion group on the subject. Of course the books of English professors rarely make any money at all.

Anyway, the case sure scared the s--- out of a lot of people who heard about it, me included. --Judy Shoaf

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Re the university English prof: I'll bet if his/her campus copy shop made
hundreds of copies of chapters from one of his/her books without paying
copyright clearance, the tune would be different.

gary handman

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