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From: Evershed, Julie <evershed@umich.edu>
Date: Mon Oct 12 2009 - 08:35:23 PDT

This story came out a couple of years ago, but has been a good example for me to provide to student clubs as to the seriousness of obtaining PPR for screenings. However, since it is now dated, and New Yorker is out of business, it is not carrying the weight that it did previously. Does anyone know how this case resolved? Any new examples that I can send out?


"Movie Airings May Be Costly" Bloomington-Normal, Illinois Pantagraph



"ISU faces legal battle from New Yorker Films" Illinois State

University Daily Vedette 2/3/06




To summarize briefly: A student film group at Illinois State

University has received from New Yorker Films a bill for $8000 for

past VHS and DVD screenings on campus for which public performance

rights were not purchased. The film group feels that the screenings

were part of the educational activities of the University; New Yorker

begs to differ.

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