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In addition to all the sources Dennis mentions, there also is Film Movement (

Film Movement sells DVDs to libraries, including one (1) public performance with the sale. The DVDs also include a related short (which has PPR too), so programs using the Film Movement titles are rounded out.
The selections offered by Film Movement are award winning independent and foreign films, and prices are very very low.

And of course, one advantage is that after the screening, your library owns the film face-to-face or home use.

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Dear James,
It does entail a public performance license for each film, but I should
reiterate here that it doesn't have to be as frightening or expensive as it
sounds. If you talk to the sales reps at the independents (New Yorker,
Zeitgeist, Kino, Milestone, Janus, Oscilloscope, etc.) you can usually get
films before their DVD release and if your pleasant and persistent, usually
for decent rates. (For example, we just licensed ARAYA for a screening at
Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie the same night it opened
theatrically in New York, because he was a good guy.) For pop/Hollywood
films, it seems like the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation and Swank can
be pretty reasonable if you want to do package deals, but of course, they're
usually after DVD release and not as enticing to the general public. I would
suggest a mix.
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