[Videolib] Letter from Siberia (Chris Marker)

From: Patti Berky <paf3@psu.edu>
Date: Thu Oct 08 2009 - 12:10:46 PDT

In 2005, we tried to find a VHS copy of "Letter from Siberia" (Chris
Marker, 1957). At the time, one of our European vendors contacted
the company producer Argos. They were told that the video had been
produced but the producer decided not to show it or sell it (formally
not in trade).

Now I'm getting another request for this title. I see three DVD
records in OCLC for this Chris Marker title. Each of these records
only has a single library owning the item.

Can the listserv enlighten me about this title as to whether it's
available for purchase?


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