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From: Carrie Russell <>
Date: Wed Oct 07 2009 - 13:09:33 PDT

I know the answer to this question because I work for ALA! In general,
I would say if you are not on a committee and not super jazzed up about
exhibits, ALA midwinter is not for you. Of course, everyone is welcome
but the midwinter meeting is considered business and there are supposed
to be no programs (there are a few). On the other hand, nearly all of
the meetings are open, so you can attend meetings without being a
committee member. If you want to get on a committee in a division or
roundtable, and you keep showing up at the meetings, you will soon be a
member of the committee (which is important for professional
service/promotion/continuing status) - just talk to the staff liaison.
If you want to get on an ALA wide committee, express your interest to
the President-elect (Roberta Stevens) who leads a group that makes those
Some people come to midwinter even if they are not on a committee to
meet with other librarians on projects they are working on together that
have little to do with ALA. For some people, conference is a social
opportunity, to re-group with old friends etc.
Boston is a nice city but it will be cold.
Hope this helps.
-Carrie Russell

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Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 11:17:11 -0700
From: Danielle Phillips <>
Subject: [Videolib] ALA Midwinter Conference.
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Has anyone attended this? It says that it is strictly for ALA's
and administative delegates serving on board, committees and Council."
this mean regular ALA members cannot attend? Also, has anyone been to
Institutes at the Midwinter Meeting?


Danielle Phillips
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