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October 6, 2009

For Immediate Release

For further information, contact Gary Crowdus

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Jonathan Miller, President of Icarus Films, and Ben Achtenberg, President of
Fanlight Productions, jointly announced today their agreement for Icarus
Films to acquire Fanlight Productions and its collection of 350
award-winning health care and mental health films, videos and DVDs.


Achtenberg, President and founder of Fanlight Productions in 1980, and
producer of many films, including Code Grey: Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing (an
Academy Award nominee in 1985 for Best Documentary Short Subject), has
decided to devote his future efforts entirely to production, and to
discontinue the company's distribution activities.


Miller, President of Icarus Films, a leading distributor of documentaries
since 1978, was eager to take on the distribution of Fanlight Productions'
prestigious collection of health care titles, which deal with a wide variety
of issues, including public health, gerontology, death and dying, mental
health, disabilities, parenting and childbirth, gender and sexuality, and


"The Fanlight Productions collection is a natural complement to the Icarus
Films library of social issue documentaries," explained Miller, "and will
represent an important expansion of our own collection in these academic and
professional disciplines. In fact, the merger of these two collections of
critically acclaimed, award-winning films now arguably comprises the
preeminent library of documentary films, particularly independently produced
documentary films, in North America."


"Icarus Films is a company that is about as close to Fanlight in style and
spirit," Achtenberg has commented, "as it is possible to be. I couldn't
imagine a better 'home' for the films and filmmakers in the Fanlight


Miller added, "Many people-at least in the film world-are talking about the
'crisis' in independent and specialty film distribution. But from our
standpoint this is an exciting time to be expanding and evolving our
company. After the successful launch last year of our new home video DVD
label, we are now excited to be able to demonstrate our continuing
dedication to more specialized non-theatrical markets. Independent
documentaries are not just one thing, or for only one audience, they are
many things, and deserve a distributor that can deliver each film to its
most appropriate and receptive audience and community."


And at a time when these vital issues, including prospects for the most
significant reform in public health care policy in decades, dominate the
national debate, the newly expanded Icarus Films collection represents a
major new audio-visual resource for patients and their families, health care
professionals, scholars, and all concerned citizens.


Visit the Fanlight Productions <http://www.fanlight.com/> Website here


Visit the Icarus Films <http://icarusfilms.com/> Website here


See the Icarus Films' New Releases Listings
<http://icarusfilms.com/new.html> , including 14 new Fanlight titles, here


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And you can follow Icarus films on Twitter <http://twitter.com/IcarusFilms>


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