[Videolib] Copyright/Free Speech/ Censoship news

From: Jessica Rosner <maddux2014@gmail.com>
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 08:10:31 PDT

Below are some links to recent news articles about issues related to
copyright, free speech
and other stuff I thought of interest. I imagine some of them have been
posted on other library
sites/publications but what the hell I am a news junkie.

The first is an article about yesterday's filing by the Dept of Justice of
it's response to the
Google book settlement which the DOJ opposes.

Please note the last link is not about copyright etc but about the horrific
policies of the
Boston Hyatt which fired 100 long time workers and replaced them with low
wage contract employees with no benefits. This is posted for those going to
Mid-Winter in case you were
thinking of staying at the Hyatt which is currently an ALA hotel. I believe
this is making the rounds
in ALA land.







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