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From: Jo Ann Reynolds <>
Date: Fri Sep 18 2009 - 06:46:39 PDT

I second Sandy re getting the faculty what they want/need to teach their
classes. We try to do that at UConn, too.


And, if the books circulate, why not also the media, especially the
stuff that is readily available?


Jo Ann


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Subject: Re: [Videolib] Requests for television shows on DVD


I'm a co-selector for our general video collections and I declared this
year to be the year of the television show. We spent a good deal of our
video budget on shows from All in the Family to Fawlty Towers to
Seinfeld to Extras (and a whole bunch of stuff in between)


If you wouldn't hesitate to buy a book explaining the role of leadership
in the Sopranos for your collection, why would you hesitate in buying
the source material?


Also I wouldn't think to question what the faculty uses for their
coursework. Our role is to support the research and teaching needs of
our community. If they want a Shot of Love with Tila Tequila well will
get it for them. If you deny them what they need for teaching they may
not come back the next time.


This isn't a Pandora Box, it's an opportunity to meet your faculty's




Sandra Macke

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Subject: [Videolib] Requests for television shows on DVD


Sorry for cross-posting!


Do you get requests from faculty for DVDs of popular television shows
that they want to use to illustrate a theme or topic? I see a real
Pandora's Box here. We recently had requests for a season of The
Simpsons (shudder!) and The Office (five seasons!). We did purchase some
West Wings a few years ago at the request of some government
instructors. And I have added some representative TV shows to illustrate
how TV has changed over the decades (I Love Lucy, Sex and the City are
examples). I really want to meet the needs of the faculty but I am
tempted to send them to Blockbuster. These items would be in reserve and
not available to other patrons to check out. I see a problem.


What say you??


Christine Crowley Godin

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