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Well, my latest query really got the creative and promotional juices going!
Let me state that I have a really broad spectrum of video material that includes many popular films and some examples of TV from decades past. I'm frankly more inclined to buy a complete set or long run to have a record of that program, rather than an episode or season here and there. I almost always grant any faculty request and agree that there are some terrific examples in TV shows where there is a teaching moment, if you will.
I am adamant that the collection is as accessible as possible to most of our patrons. Only a small selection is on Permanent Reserve (very very expensive or very very popular titles) and they are on the shelf and viewable by anyone in the library at any time. The rest of the collection is on the circ shelves. I am loathe to "protect" things because I believe we need to make these items available to as wide an audience as is feasible and still meet faculty/classroom use needs.
Some comments have led me to be more comfortable in making those purchases. In the case of The Simpsons (sorry, the voices irritate me beyond words) I would insist the faculty member identify the episode he wishes reserved and make sure the rest are available for checkout (he has asked for Season 11 only, for some reason).
I appreciate the comments about increasing circulation. Our media collection accounts for about 40% of our circ now.
Here is a related area where I can address some of the same concerns. We will be supporting a childrens' literature course. My experience in the past is that you can keep buying all the award winners, over and over and over again, and they go out and never return. I finally decided that we don't have the room or the budget to do that---SO, we encourage students to use the various branches of the public library (which often multiple copies of these titles) and we buy the scholarly material to support their research, books and online info about authors, illustrators, theories of kiddie lit, etc. We also buy some childrens' titles to support our education students and those looking for something bilingual. Again, it is representative, not comprehensive.
Looking forward to seeing some of you at the National Media Market in a couple of weeks!
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I'm a co-selector for our general video collections and I declared this year to be the year of the television show. We spent a good deal of our video budget on shows from All in the Family to Fawlty Towers to Seinfeld to Extras (and a whole bunch of stuff in between)


If you wouldn't hesitate to buy a book explaining the role of leadership in the Sopranos for your collection, why would you hesitate in buying the source material?


Also I wouldn't think to question what the faculty uses for their coursework. Our role is to support the research and teaching needs of our community. If they want a Shot of Love with Tila Tequila well will get it for them. If you deny them what they need for teaching they may not come back the next time.


This isn't a Pandora Box, it's an opportunity to meet your faculty's need.




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Sorry for cross-posting!


Do you get requests from faculty for DVDs of popular television shows that they want to use to illustrate a theme or topic? I see a real Pandora's Box here. We recently had requests for a season of The Simpsons (shudder!) and The Office (five seasons!). We did purchase some West Wings a few years ago at the request of some government instructors. And I have added some representative TV shows to illustrate how TV has changed over the decades (I Love Lucy, Sex and the City are examples). I really want to meet the needs of the faculty but I am tempted to send them to Blockbuster. These items would be in reserve and not available to other patrons to check out. I see a problem.


What say you??


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