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Does the classroom have computer inputs?
This would be a bit convoluted and involve using someone's iTunes account and computer, but does avoid a format transfer.
Purchases from iTunes are downloaded. Therefore if you downloaded the purchased video to a laptop, you could take the computer to class, plug into the projector and show it from the computer.

Remember the good ol' days of off-air taping?

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Good morning, Collective Brain....

Here's a first for me.

I have a request to purchase Prayers for Bobby (Lifetime, 2009 : starring Sigourney Weaver) From what I understand it's currently available only through iTunes. The requestor wants to have us burn a DVD so she can show it in her class.

I asked my boss and she says that it's legally verboten to change a videostream to DVD under the Millenium copyright law (she will investigate to see if there's a legal way to get it to the classroom)

My question is: 1) IS there a legal work around to this, and 2) does anyone know if/when this movie will be available on DVD?

Eternally in your debt (as always)

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