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From: Sayre, J. Richard <RSAYRE@monm.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 13:23:15 PDT

Any advice on the Public Performance Rights (or limited PPR) for the following films. We have a faculty member who is planning to show these on campus as part of a film festival but has had difficulty getting responses so far. I found on one site that the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation<http://www.mplc.com/> , Movie Licensing USA<http://www.movlic.com> , and Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.<http://www.swank.com/> , grant public performance rights and Swank appears to be the only option for Higher Ed. Is this what most of you use? I'm starting to see more videos from certain distributors advertised with "educational AV rights" included or as an option when purchasing.

* Grapes of Wrath (Ford - 1940) - Do we contact Twentieth Century Fox? Or Swank?

* El Norte (Nava - 1983)

* Sweet Land (2005) (Independent film - She just got the rights by contacting the producer through his Facebook account!)

* The Visitor (2007)

I'm new to your listserv and have appreciated the help so many of you have offered for questions on locating videos and PPR. I find questions concerning the use and purchase of videos with or without AV rights take up a significant amount of time. I wish I'd stumbled onto your listserv years ago. Thanks in advance for any advice.



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