[Videolib] Foreign Film about Nazi Occupation... can't find title

From: Chuck McCann <cmccann@fsu.edu>
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 07:05:18 PDT

I only have these details:

Foreign film about a German garrison in some Eastern front village. Two
''partisans are captured''. The first is interrogated by gestapo man and
refuses to cooperate and gets a star branded on his chest and is thrown
into cellar. The second ''partisan'' is a a little more cooperative and
gives up some information. In return the gestapo man offers this second
man to join the ''police'' -- apparently some local men work for the
Germans. The gestapo man says, "you don't have to answer now, think
about it." and has the second man thrown into the cellar. Some time
later an older man, a woman, and a girl are also put in the cellar.
Later they are all taken out side and it is announced that they will be
''liquidated''. The second partisan begs for his life and agrees to
become one of the ''police''. In the end all the people that were thrown
into the cellar are hanged except for the second man, who ends up
helping the Nazis do the hanging -- the movie ends with the second man
trying to hang himself in an outhouse, but the belt he is using keeps
breaking, and thus goes insane, and the film ends.

I think this work was done by a woman director -- produced I think in
the late 70's

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