Dear Gary
Both Elisabetta and I were pleased to meet you in Berkeley. We'd also be happy to see you in Pordenone!
I have also sent you via the post a copy of Ladies In Retirement with Ida Lupino. I hope you enjoy it.
Below is a short summary about CITWF.
The Complete Index to World Film since 1895 ( is a first stop movie database with provenance. Currently it provides information on over 446,000 films for the period 1890-2009 from all countries of the world. Updates are done about every three months. There are over 480,000 references to books and journals including the AFI catalogs, the BFI's Monthly Film Bulletin and Sight and Sound and all of Variety's reviews. The original copyright holder is shown for tens of thousands of films.
There is a simple search of Titles and Persons. In addition, there is an Advanced Search which allows a query to be built from various fields. Any number of names may be put in the Persons field.
CITWF covers feature films, shorts, animated and documentaries. The silent film period is virtually complete for all countries that made films during this period.
Practically all the references quoted are in books and journals held in the CITWF library and we are always pleased to help a librarian or serious researcher with further information that may be found at a particular reference.
The cost for a yearly license is 150/₁225/$250. It is provided via the IP address range of the institution and is available to all those who have access to this range. Trials of the database are easily arranged.
Best regards
Alan Goble