Re: [Videolib] A modest plea to the list members

From: Rick Faaberg <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 2009 - 23:07:06 PDT

On 7/30/09 10:08 PM, "Deg Farrelly" <> sent this:

> I feel in some way that is happening to this list by folks hitting the Reply
> button instead of selecting appropriate portions of a message being replied
> to. I receive this list in digest form and often have a very hard time
> deciphering what is new content and what is copied content in a reply. Many
> times I receive an * entire * digest buried inside another digest because it
> was copied as part of the reply.

I think digest mode leads folks to going mental about digest mode.

Why not suck it up and take the messages as they come in?

If somebody quotes a digest in its entirety, that's a problem, but why
suffer the digest quoting itself in the digest?

Digest mode is a crazy way to participate on a list, imnsho.


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