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From: Deg Farrelly <>
Date: Thu Jul 30 2009 - 19:24:32 PDT

AMEN, Meghann!!!!!

I know the vendors buy mailing lists but somewhere along the line the duplicates have to be eliminated. Not only do I get the postcards and catalogs, but so do many of my (librarian) colleagues and library clerks... Who then pass them to me.

I like the postcards. A single piece of paper for a quick decision, or pass along to a possibly interested faculty member or colleague.

My suggestion for the printed catalogs (which are probably here to stay for a while anyway), lead the catalog with a "New" section and list all your new titles there. Even if you list them again under topical or other categorizations. I've been buying videos for 33 years... Chances are I already know the bulk of the titles in your collection and have either ordered or rejected them already. So all I really care about is what is new (newly released) and different. If not doing a separate "New" section, then at least label boldy the new titles, so I can zip thru a catalog scanning for that information.

But I also like Icarus' 2 or three times a year emails with links to lists of just newly acquired titles. Again, the information is pre-filtered which requires much less processing time for me.

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Subject: videolib Digest, Vol 20, Issue 96
<... cull their mailing
lists so that my Library does not get and endless stream of the same
postcards / catalogs / et. al.  That's a major irk to me -- there are
certain films for which I've received dozens upon dozens of mailings --
and in many cases, we already have the titles in our collection!!>>
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