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From: Tatar, Becky <bltata@aurora.lib.il.us>
Date: Thu Jul 30 2009 - 12:57:52 PDT

With all the chatter about public performance, I just wanted to let you
all know about our experience. In October, the theme for Teen Read Week
is Read Beyond Reality @ Your Library. The Teen Advisory Board members
at our main library had the idea of showing episodes of Rod Serling's
1960s Twilight Zone. I warned our YA librarian that it wasn't likely
that they would be able to do it, but I would check. Swank didn't have
it - only the movie. So, I'm thinking - no chance. If the rights are
available, they probably cost a bunch. I checked IMDB for the show,
though, and saw that the production companies were Cayuga Productions
and CBS. Checking Cayuga Productions website let me know that they sold
the rights to CBS. I contacted CBS on their website, and after a few
e-mails back and forth with specific details - one night showing, here
at the main library, include courtesy statement - we are able to show 3
episodes for no charge. I just mailed the permission contracts back
today. Color me amazed! Our teens will be very happy. Now they just
need to pick out the episodes. Moral of the story - always check! I'm
going to write CBS a very nice thank you note.

Becky Tatar
Aurora Public Library
1 E. Benton Street
Aurora, IL 60505
Phone: 630-264-4100
FAX: 630-896-3209

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