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From: Barbara Silberstein <BSilberstein@princetonlibrary.org>
Date: Thu Jul 30 2009 - 07:24:37 PDT

Good morning all,

Princeton Public Library is a Red box pilot site for a trial period of six-months. The $1-a-night DVD dispensing machine contains, for the most part, new releases, and is intended to complement the DVD collection we already have. This gives our library customers 24 hour access to the newest DVDs. By not having to buy multiple copies of in-demand new movies, the library saves money that can be used to purchase more foreign language films, "indie" productions, and TV series. The fact that new titles in the library have been subject to theft was another consideration.

In exchange for providing a location and power, the library is receiving three cents on every dollar spent on a Red Box DVD. According to library director Leslie Burger "The decision to go with the Red Box pilot was not driven by the promise of revenue, although any additional revenue these days is a good thing!" "Offering multiple copies of popular DVDs in an outdoor location, at a low cost, means that our customers will have a convenient source of entertainment 24/7."

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