Re: [Videolib] classroom use of "home and community viewing"

From: Sarah McCleskey <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 2009 - 11:52:54 PDT

I gotta agree with Jessica that I *KNOW* widespread streaming is going on, and that there is definitely some odd and WACKO combination of fair-use, face-to-face, and TEACH used to justify it. And then professors from those schools tell their colleagues at other schools (such as Hofstra) and then we get nasty emails telling us we are behind the times, not forging ahead, etc.

And I say we *are* forging ahead, but just not in the way they want us to (by saying "sure, anything goes, it's educational!!!).

It makes it tough for all of us.


>>> Jessica Rosner <> 07/29/09 2:41 PM >>>
OOps one more thing. Gary I think copying / streaming ENTIRE works ( feature
films in this case) was EXACTLY what Michael or John was suggesting. If I
am wrong feel free to ignore all the postings but again I am aware it is
happening on pretty broad scale already.
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