Re: [Videolib] classroom use of "home and community viewing" dvd

From: Sarah McCleskey <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 2009 - 08:34:17 PDT

Well, I guess when my VHS or DVD copy of the nowhere to be found japanese film starts to deteriorate (let's hope I have a legal one!!!), I'll make an archival copy and everyone will just have to come to the library to watch it. That'll show 'em!!

Or they can watch Adam Sandler.


>>> <> 07/29/09 11:23 AM >>>
Hmmmmm....what happens when

1. All commercial media goes to pay-for-view
2. The pay-for-view market is driven solely by market factors
3. The content universe is determined by whatever the market wants
4. All that's available for viewing is Adam Sandler and crash-bam-boom
movies because thats what the market wants

That film pal of yours is gonna be one sorry dude or dudette when s/he
finds that down the road that 1930s Japanese film s/he wants
is...well...nowhere to be found.

gary h

> I'm really excited that the "pay per view" thing is available now at
> amazon, netflix of course, and even now our Swank rep tells me that they
> have worked out a way for students to pay (individually) to stream
> feature films. One of my film prof pals assigned a paper on "Shaun of
> the Dead" for Summer 1 this year, and he told me that at least half of
> the students watched it via Netflix. Obviously not all titles are going
> to be available via the online vendors (EVER) but it's a piece of the
> puzzle.
> Sarah

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