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Date: Wed Jul 29 2009 - 08:05:15 PDT

This has happened to us as well. I usually get a maintenance worker or a security guard to come over and tell them to stop because it is illegal. If they refuse to stop I will call the police. Regardless of what the patron has been told it is illegal. If they insist you can always print out the copyright law.

Julia Churchill
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Dear Collective Wisdom,
Last night we found 2 college age ladies sitting in our Media Department with their laptops calming downloading CDs from the Library's collection. This has never happened here before and we are stymied as to what we should do or not do. One lovely young lady said that her father was an attorney and that he had made it clear to her that what they were doing was not illegal.
I am not naive; I KNOW that patrons check material out and download it but inside the library just seems wrong. What should I do when these ladies return?
Thanks in advance.
Marsha Loyer
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