Re: [Videolib] what to do about extra digital discs?

From: Winona Patterson <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 2009 - 07:33:08 PDT

We haven't discussed anything with our vendors specifically regarding
being charged (or "not charged") for the digital copy of the movie.
Like you said, it feels like we're being charged for it, but is there
really a way to prove it? And if we raise a fuss, I'm afraid something
might happen along the lines of what Fox was trying to do earlier this
year with forcing libraries to purchase only the no-frills versions of
popular DVDs (which they quickly recanted).


As for what we do in-house once we receive the DVD with digital copy -
we're doing what Meghann and the University of Delaware are doing.
Also, if a patron is savvy enough to know about the digital copies in
the first place, they should also be savvy enough to know that the
download is a one-time thing.


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