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Who is the vendor? I don't believe we have run into this. We purchase most of our popular DVDs from Baker and Taylor and get our educational ones either direct from the producer or some distributors like Action Library Media.
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Subject: [Videolib] what to do about extra digital discs?

I purchase a lot of DVD's and Blu-rays for a large library district. Recently, many DVD"s and Blu-rays have been coming with an 'extra digital disc.' These digital discs allow a person to download the material onto their portable device or computer. The problem is they're single use. Once someone uses the code to download the material, it is no longer valid.
We don't know what to do about these. Clearly, they're meant for retail establishments, not for libraries. Our vendor has offered to leave this extra disc out. My problem with this solution is we'll still technically be getting charged for this 'extra' material, whether or not we take it. Our vendor insists that the studios aren't charging for adding this feature, but I've noticed the price difference between a DVD with this and a DVD without it, you can't tell me the studios are giving it away for free. All too frequently this is the only edition we can buy. What have you done about this?


Danielle Phillips

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