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Sounds similar to the film "Girl on the Bridge" with Vanessa Paradis and Daniel Auteil. Although he is a knife thrower and she becomes his "muse" of sorts.

A woman's long history of bad luck starts to change when she puts her life on the line in this romantic drama. Adèle (Vanessa Paradis<>) is a 22-year-old woman whose life seems to have been a long series of miscalculations; she's never had much luck with love, life, or career, and is standing on a bridge overlooking the Seine one night, contemplating suicide, when she's approached by a man named Gabor (Daniel Auteuil<>). Gabor announces he's a knife-thrower who needs a new human target for his act. Would Adèle be interested? Adèle's immediate answer is to jump into the water, but after Gabor fishes her out and gets her to a hospital, she has a change of heart and the pair are soon on their way to Monaco, where Gabor gets a spot at a circus. Adèle and Gabor make a great team; he's good with knives, she's young and beautiful, and suddenly Adèle's luck starts to change. She visits a casino one night and comes home with a fortune, and even when Gabor throws blindfolded, she walks away without so much as a scratch. However, an obvious chemistry is brewing between the two, which leads to a dilemma: Gabor has a strict policy of never getting romantically involved with his partners. Will he make an exception, or is Adèle's new run of luck coming to an end?

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I have a patron who is *adamant* that there is a film in which a trapeze artist(?) circus owner (?) desperately needs someone to work the trapeze act. He's taking a walk down by a river and sees a young girl contemplating suicide. They talk and when she convinces him that she doesn't care if she dies he says "have I got a job for you"...

Does anyone on the list have any idea what this could be. He has said it definitely is NOT the episode from The Avengers called "Girl on the Trapeze" and that it is a movie. I'd appreciate any leads you may have.

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