[Videolib] Four Your Emmy Consideration

From: Carl Johnson <carl_johnson@byu.edu>
Date: Tue Jul 21 2009 - 10:00:38 PDT

Our library was given by one of our University film professors several "Four Your Emmy Consideration" (FYC) packages--some are bound booklets containing DVDs while others are small boxes or other well designed containers, all containing DVDs and other visual/written content. Some, but not all containers and/or DVDs include the statement: Not for Sale or further distribution. The packages I have examined include product/packages produced by Scifi, NBC Universal-Television Studio, Lifetime, A & E, and Warner Brothers Television.

Are there any concerns with the library proceeding to catalogue and otherwise include these FYC items in the their collection and circulate them similar to other "legally obtained" items? Does the statement "Not for Sale or further distribution" limit the library's standard collection development and lending (check-out) possibilities and procedures?

Carl Johnson
801 422-3821

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