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Are you concerned about what kid's watch on TV, in the movies, on DVD or
in video games? Want to do something about it? Why not start your own
Junior Film Critics Club...

KIDS FIRST! invites you to join our nationwide Jury. Together, with more
than 300 adults and 3,000 kids, you become part of the nucleus for the
KIDS FIRST! Endorsement Program. Adult jurors are trained to evaluate
media based on a specific set of criteria and to work with kids to do
the same.

- Child jurors become more media savvy and able to make better viewing
choices for themselves.
- You can provide a wonderful media literacy program for your library or
other organization
- Adult and Child Juror comments will appear on our website and in
several printed publications
- You will help others to make good media choices for their families
- All while building up your own media library with both independent and
large production DVDs, films and videogames!

Sign up for our upcoming classes in August and September. Our $30
application fee is fully refundable once you've become an active
juror(see website for details.) Further information is available at
http://www.kidsfirst.org/become-a-juror/ or contact Lauren Longworth,
Jury Manager, at jury@kidsfirst.org

If you'd like to have regular screenings at your library, consider
becoming a KIDS FIRST! Film Festival venue. For an annual membership fee
of $100, you can select from 75 new films offered each quarter, with NO
ADDITIONAL SCREENING FEES. For more information, visit us at
http://www.kidsfirst.org/filmfestival/filmfest_club.htm or contact Ann
Church, Senior VP Marketing, at ann@kidsfirst.org

Lauren Longworth, Jury Manager
Coalition for Quality Children's Media
KIDS FIRST! Film Festival
112 W. San Francisco St. Suite 305A Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Ph: 505.989.8076 Fax: 505.986.8477 website - http://www.kidsfirst.org
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