[Videolib] does anyone need any of these unopened tape labels?

From: Laura Fu <lauraf@answersmediainc.com>
Date: Mon Jul 20 2009 - 13:04:09 PDT

My sincere apologies for any cross posting.

Does anyone need any older but unopened/unused tape labels from United Ad Labels (UAL)?

In doing some summer cleaning at our production house, I found the following labels that we no longer use. If interested, please let me know. I'm doing some massive cleaning and will likely have more materials up for grabs.

 * "CLONE": 3/4" x 3/4", square with rounded corners, bright orange (4 unopened, 1 opened)(see below)
 * "STEREO": 3/4" x 3/4", square with rounded corners, pale orange (4 unopened)
 * "RETRACKED": larger rectangle with rounded corners, purple, includes "DATE ______" (1 unopened, 1 opened)
 * "AUDIO ON CH. 1 ONLY": circle, yellow (2 opened, 1 unopened that is square)
 * "MONO": 3/4" x 3/4", square with rounded corners, green (1 opened roll)
 * "REVISED EDITED MASTER": larger rectangle, purple (3 unopened, 1 opened)
 * "D2": rectangle with round corners, light/bright green (3 unopened rolls)
 * "MASTER": bright orange, also includes spot for audio channel (1 opened)
 * "AUDIO ON CH. 2 ONLY": circle, Carolina blue (1 opened)
 * "OK TO ERASE": white, circle, space for initials and date (1 opened)
Most have about 285 per roll. Some are still available at www.unitedadlabel.com/<http://www.unitedadlabel.com/> if you'd like more info or photos.

Much thanks,
Laura Fu

Laura Fu
Video Assets Manager

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