Re: [Videolib] Source: Jane Addams Google Video

From: Debra Jo Sujka <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 2009 - 12:47:34 PDT

I don't have noise on my computer at work, so I can only watch. In the
process I did pick out Jane Addams & Hull House. Since I could not hear
the program, I am not sure of the context, but could the program be "The
women of Hull House"?

The initial film clips remind me of Edison early films and of Chicago,
this is why I am wondering if the program is "The women of Hull House."

Debra Jo Sujka

Parks, Sue wrote:

> A faculty member has asked that I purchase the DVD from which this
> clip was taken. The source isn't referenced, and I don't recognize it.
> Does it look familiar to any of you?

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