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Thanks, Sandra, for your great list. I appreciate your including
Bullfrog Films in the list of film distributors who offer PPR.
Academic and public libraries may also want to consider the list of
exhibiting partners at the National Media Market.
Best regards,
Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films


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Hello, everyone.


I operate Lumina Theater, UNCW's primary film venue (360 seats, 16 x 30
screen, 35mm/Blu-Ray/DVD capabilities). When campus programmers wish
show a film for the first time, I must instruct them how to purchase PPR
from film distributors. On the Lumina Theater website, I have updated
my list of film distributors who offer PPR. I have attached my list
below, in case anyone would strongly recommend any other vendors I have
not already included.


Thanks for your assistance.



Alive Mind
<> Bullfrog Films
<> California News Reel
Canyon Cinema
<> Cinema Guild
<> Cinema Purgatorio
Criterion, USA
<> Documentary Education Resources
Film-Makers' Cooperative
<> Filmmakers Library
<> Film Movement <>
First Run Features <>
Icarus Films <>
IFC Films <>
Kino International
<> Lewis Williams Agency (Geo Cinema Films/Lectures)
<> Lorber Films
Magnolia Pictures <>
Milestone Films
<> Musicbox Films
Swank Motion Pictures <>
Palm Pictures
<> PBS Educational Media
lay=avOrders> Rialto Pictures
<> Sony Pictures Classics
Sony Pictures Repertory
<> Thinkfilm
<> Universal Pictures
Women Make Movies
<> Zeitgeist Films <>



Lumina Theater Film Resources



Sandra F. Jackson
Film Program Coordinator
Lumina Theater & Sharky's Box Office
UNCW Presents
The University of North Carolina Wilmington



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