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Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know about a program that is going to be at the ALA Conference this Monday from 3:30-5:30 at McCormick W196C. Multi-award winning director Tom McPhee will be presenting his multi-award winning documentary An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! and illustrating the workshops that are available for libraries. Tom McPhee will be on a national, 120 community tour with his film and hopes to include the often overlooked libraries in his endevour to make libraries a safe haven for independent film and filmmakers.

An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! is a visceral, operatic vision of what happened to the pet owners of New Orleans who were forced to evacuate after Hurricane Katrina without their beloved pets and the volunteers who came from all over the world to help. America suffered its worst domestic animal crisis in history when tens of thousands of animals were left to perish in neighborhoods all across the gulf. This heartfelt story follows the pets, vets, owners, officials, rescuers, and adopters of animals as they work through the chaos to do what is right, only to discover not everyone is working toward the same goal.

Here's what the Best Small Library in America thought about An American Opera:"The Best Small Library in America for 2008", McKune Memorial Library hosts the Public Premiere of the International Film Festival Favorite and Multi Award-Winning 'AN AMERICAN OPERA'"Congratulations on the tremendous success Wednesday evening, we've heard nothing but wonderful things about the program" stated Bill Harmer, Head of Adult Services for the Chelsea District Library."We were immediately bombarded with calls and reservations for this special event," said Marketing & Development Coordinator Wendy Smith. "The response from the patrons afterward was incredible. Everyone in attendance was greatly impressed with not only Tom McPhee's story, but his film making as well. We are truly fortunate to have such talent in Chelsea!"Those who were unable to secure a reservation for the full house screening in Chelsea, MI can look for future presentations of 'An American Opera' in the calendar of events for public libraries in the region throughout 2009. "I believe in the public library system as a way to provide unique art and entertainment to people," McPhee said. "I am committed to providing 80 to 120 in person screenings in 2009 of 'An American Opera' throughout the vast library network we have in North America – large and small alike."

An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! Presentation Monday, July 13th3:30 - 5:30McCormick W196C
Kelly Norene Dudzik
Project Development Executive
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