[Videolib] DVD licensing question

From: Julie DeCesare <decesarj@bc.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 08 2009 - 07:36:16 PDT

Hi all,

I am attempting to purchase a DVD from a vendor in Galway. I am a little
bit stumped, because I have never, ever received such a high quote. They
want $6962 (5000 Euros) for three copies of the DVD (two circulating
copies and one 'replacement'). The rights associated include exhibition
in the library, but not on campus (no public performance rights or
closed circuit rights).

It is a fairly specialized DVD -- John McGahern reading from Town Hall
Theatre in Galway Sept. 2005

I am writing the list, because this is my first experience dealing with
such a high price, for such little use. Has anyone else dealt with a
situation like this and did you approach renegotiation with the vendor?
We've purchased expensive DVDs before, but generally they include all
rights for use on campus (including PPR, cable, and digital delivery).
With that said, we have never gone over $1500 for one title.

Thanks in advance! Feel free to contact me off list, if you prefer


Julie DeCesare
Digital Media Reference Librarian
Boston College
O’Neill Library Media Center
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