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Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 12:19:40 PDT

Our CD policy doesn't make specific mention of violence in reference to either print or AV materials. The problem: one person's unacceptable violence is another person's entertainment. We order movies of the kind you mention mostly on the basis of patron demand and have had one challenge in the past few years due to violent content-Tantantino/Rodriguez's Planet Terror. It's mostly sex that gets patrons worked up (so to speak).

Peter Cartford
AV Librarian
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Subject: [Videolib] Violent movie guidelines

Does anyone have a policy or guideline regarding ordering movies that are excessively violent? I'm thinking of movies like "High Tension," "Suicide Club," "Ichi the Killer," and the like. We've also had requests for more mainstream torture horror like the "Saw" series or "Hostel."

We're a public library, in the process of developing a collection development policy for AV, and have had requests for these specific titles. I'm wondering what other libraries do with these kinds of requests? Do you order them because of patron demand, or rely on ILL?

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Sheila Urwiler
Head of Multimedia Services
Deerfield Public Library
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