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From: Chris McNevins <Chris.McNevins@uconn.edu>
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 05:54:05 PDT

Greetings Collective Brain...

As part of strategic planning for 2009-2010 one of the library's
strategic goals is to "promote diversity by integrating it into
collections, instruction and informational materials [and] increase
marketing of specialied (diversity related) library collections and
services to potential users." I have been tapped to look for materials
(videos, books) related to this goal.

I was wondering if anyone out in VIDEOLIBland has any suggestions on
videos about diversity either feature films, documentaries or training
materials. "Diversity" in this in this regard encompasses a very broad
range (race, age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, political,
philosophical diversity, etc.) so I need help thinking "outside the
box." Also, I would welcome advice on marketing strategies for these
materials, i.e. what have other libraries (academic in particular) done
to promote or highlight diversity awareness?

Any help would be greatly appreciated....

Chris McN

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