[Videolib] Careers for Chemical Engineers--VHS

From: Carl Johnson <carl_johnson@byu.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 25 2009 - 14:59:04 PDT

Does anyone know anything about this title (Careers for Chemical Engineers)? Anyone or organization to contact other than AIChe or Sloan Foundation?


Carl Johnson

801 422-3821


I have a VHS tape with the following label:

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Series

Title--Careers for Chemical Engineers

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

We would like to make the video available for potential students and current students. The tape apparently was produced by the Sloan Foundation in some arrangement with the AIChE, but we have been unable to reach anyone from the Sloan Foundation to obtain permission. A search of the internet eventually leads to a phone number and an email address, but messages left at both of those are not returned. Meanwhile, representatives at the AIChE have no information and refer us back to the Sloan Foundation.

I have had the VHS digitized, so it is possible to put it on our web site, but I want to make sure we've made every possible effort to locate someone who can grant official permission before we do it. I appreciate your assistance.

Thanks for your help,

[faculty member]

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