[Videolib] home v institutional (again) via Amazon Merchant

From: jwoo <jwoo@cca.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 22 2009 - 12:36:20 PDT

Hello -- wondering if you all can advise on the legalities of this

We purchased and received a video from an Amazon Merchant for $29.95
using our Amazon Corporate acccount. Nowhere on the product page or
subsequent checkout screens did it indicate that it was for home/
individual use only.

However, now we've received a letter from the merchant/producer
telling us we have to pay them $200 for the "Institutional and Mult-
Use DVD agreement" with no specifics about the agreement included.

Can a distributor impose licensing restrictions after a purchase
transaction has been completed? If we keep the DVD without paying the
additional fee, would we be breaking any law?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Janice || CCA Libraries || library.cca.edu

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