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LANDMARK? MEDIA?? has environmental films for all grade levels.? THE FUTURE OF WATER? is a 3 part dvd series which discusses the management of the world's fresh water supply, how climate changes will affect the world's water supply and the uncertainty concerning? climate change and transporting of fresh water to populated areas that lack water.? This series is truly one of the finest resources and is a favorite with the National Geographic Alliance.

ON THIN ICE focuses on the some of the animals? that are dependent on ice to to give birth, rest and just exist.? We see the seals and polar bears of the Arctic and their dependency on ice and see how environmental toxins that continue will have a devastating impact on these and many other animals.

GLOBAL WARMING IN THE ARCTIC shows us the effects of climate changes by viewing polar bears,polar foxes, walruses and some of the Arctic birds that need this climate to exist.

For our younger students, we distribute two series of ECO-KIDS, one for elementary and one for middle schools.? Each series has? three parts, "The Earth Needs Your Help,"? "How Eco Are You?," and The Things You Can Do?

ECO-KIDS EXPLORE? is a five part series for elementary and middle grades which? discuss and helps students understand "green energy."? The titles include SOLAR POWER, ETHANOL,WIND POWER GEOTHERMAL ENERGY and HYBRID CARS.? Because of the popularity of this series, we are releasing in the fall five new parts to the ECO-KIDS EXPLORE.? They will include HYDROELECTRIC POWER, HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS, PLUG-IN ELECTRIC CARS, WATER TREATMENT and? A RECYCLING PLANT.

Please contact us for preview or purchase.

Beverly Weisenberg
Vice president. sales
100 N. Milwaukee Ave. #603
Wheeling, Il 60090
ph 800-999-6645
fx 847-279-8055

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