[Videolib] Films on Environment and Food from Filmakers Library

From: Andrea Traubner <andrea@filmakers.com>
Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 14:37:13 PDT

Hi Wendy:

We have two films on environment and food and nutrition which might interest your biology instructor: The Tipping Point and Slow Food Revolution.

The Tipping Point: Global Warming at the Arctic Circle - New Release

The Arctic Ice Sea, a plate of ice roughly the size of Europe, is disappearing. In addition to the environmental concerns, the political and economic implications are dramatic. (Click on title for full description.) 45 min.

Slow Food Revolution

Traditional foods are at risk of disappearing forever, as a speed-obsessed world turns increasingly to fast foods. To counter this trend, there is an international movement known as Slow Food. 52 min.

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