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From: Elizabeth Stanley <>
Date: Mon Jun 15 2009 - 13:56:05 PDT

Hello, Wendy,
Bullfrog Films offers the following DVDs for your biology instructor, on
food and nutrition, and environment, global warming, wetlands. I have
included films that are 30-52 minutes, as well as several longer ones
that may be viewed by chapters.
1. Deconstructing Supper - 48 minutes, DVD
A leading chef investigates food safety in the age of GMOs and
industrial agriculture.
2, Food (Reinventing the World) - 49 minutes, DVD
Devising a sustainable food system -- one that is healthy, accessible,
and affordable.
3. Good Food - 73 minutes, DVD
An intimate look at the farmers, ranchers, and businesses that are
creating a more sustainable food system in the Pacific Northwest.
4. We Feed the World - 96 minutes, DVD
Vividly reveals the dysfunctionality of the industrialized world food
system and shows what world hunger has to do with us.
5. The Ecological Footprint - 30 minutes, DVD
Dr. Mathis Wackernagel introduces the Ecological Footprint, a resource
accounting tool that measures human demand on the Earth.
6. Everything's Cool - 89 minutes, DVD
Examines the media strategies, on both sides, that have resulted in the
US government's failure to take decisive action on global warming.
7. Weather Report - 52 minutes, DVD
A report from the front lines of climate change in Kenya, India, Canada,
the Arctic, China, and Montana where peoples' lives have already been
dramatically altered.
Contact me for more information.
Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films


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Subject: [Videolib] Help with environment and nutrition films

I have a biology instructor who loves using Diet for a New America
(1994) in his classes but he was hoping to find something newer. Does
anyone know of another film along those same lines (more nutrition, less
vegetarianism) with a more recent copyright? Also, he is looking for an
"empowering, call to action" film dealing with the environment, global
warming, wetlands, etc. My trouble is I am finding tons to weed
through, does anyone have one or two to recommend?


Both film cannot be too long - 45-50 minutes max.






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