[Videolib] purchasing multiple copies of media

From: lorraine wochna <wochna@ohio.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 15 2009 - 09:47:40 PDT

Hello everyone,

I have a faculty member who would like to use a documentary series (Bill
Moyers, Children in America) and I'm looking for some advice.

The film will be used by 20 instructors as the 'textbook' video for each
English Composition class. This would be used throughout the entire year.
Roughly 50-70 sections per quarter for 3 quarters.

I can buy the films at the educational price of $74.00 with a 10% discount.
My thought was to buy 8 copies and the instructors could stagger screenings
when they use the video.

The English department could buy and/or split the cost with me on these
videos. Yet, I'm thinking about the usefulness of owning 8 copies of this
video once the syllabus changes, although it is possible the faculty member
(Head of Composition Studies) may use this syllabus for 2 years.

The other choice would be that each new instructor would have to buy a home
use copy ($34) and use it in their classes. Now we tread on thin ice I

I'm just looking for any more economical suggestions from you.

Thanks for your time

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