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This reply goes beyond AV Marketing...

When our acquisitions were managed by Fletcher Library, when a requested title arrived and became available we sent a written note to the requesting faculty member. Now that our acqs are centralized in Tempe that service is not provided.

Instead, I notify faculty members directly with a short email note. Our III (Innovative Interfaces) integrated library system assists with the notifications. III has a feature "Preferred Searches". This allows a user to set up a profile in the system. Once a week the system sends an email alerting the profile holder of all new titles that match profile parameters. I have a profile set up to alert me for any new videos added to the collection. This is what a single alert entry looks like:

Title: The Hollywood librarian [videorecording] : a look at librarians through film : a documentary film / Overdue Productions presents ; by Ann Seidl ; written and directed by Ann Seidl.
ISBN: 193286931X
Call No.:

As you can see, it includes a persistent URL to the catalog record. These alerts are easy to cut and paste into an email with a simple FYI email.

One of the advantages of my preferred search profile is that it alerts me to videos added in ALL the ASU libraries: Hayden, Art & Engineering, Music, Noble Science, Polytechnic campus, Downtown campus, Law, and even departments in Hayden, including Archives and special collections, Government documents. Thus I am also able to alert the Fletcher Librarians of titles added in their areas that are not in our library.

Additionally, all new videos (and books) are first shelved on a "New Books" display near circ. If checked out they are reshelved with the rest of the collection. Items remain on the new shelved until checked out or until they are removed to make room for more new receipts.

I am also the subject librarian for Communication Studies. About 4 times a year I notify COM Studies faculty of new books and videos in the collection through an email link to a RefShare folder. I won't go into detail about that here, but will be happy to answer questions about that process offlist.

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